Have you wondered if a new technology, product, configuration change, software upgrade, or change in your network topology will achieve your desired business outcome? Are you concerned that you don't understand all the ramifications of a change? Do you have an idea you need help iterating through designs to reach a final solution?

Solution Validation Services (SVS) is part of Cisco Advanced Services, focused on validating complex customer-specific networks and accelerating the adoption of new technologies. We can partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your project, from validating an initial concept through on-site validation before moving to a production deployment.

SVS validates your architecture, design, and network to your exacting specifications. We aim to replicate the exact hardware, software, topology and configuration, thereby reducing the risk of deploying a new technology or making a change while simultaneously allowing you to push forward with new technologies at the pace your business demands.

Our team has expertise across the breadth of the Cisco product portfolio along with expertise in a variety of third-party and competitive products. With hundreds of engineers and world-class facilities around the world, SVS will help you deploy the technologies you need to give your business the edge in today's business climate.


All SVS engagements are customized and tailored to your specific needs. We partner with you to understand your challenges and find a solution to meet your needs.

We can engage throughout the lifecycle of your project, starting with concept analysis and validation, to iterative, rapid prototyping and proof of concept, to iterative design, to end-to-end validation of the final design, leading to a design you can feel confident in deploying.

We can start from an idea and help you iterate through solutions to find the answer, or you can bring us a complete design that we can implement and validate from end to end.

We bring years of validation expertise to the table through each phase in the lifecycle. Our experience in validating large, complex networks helps us pinpoint areas of concern and find solutions. This allows us to determine what steps may be required to mitigate any risks found through our validation.

We have a proven record of accelerating the adoption of new technologies by proving they will work the way you expect before you deploy them.

Our engagements can last anywhere from a few weeks to multi-year static subscription services.

Concept Analysis

When you have nothing more than a concept, but no architecture or design, we can help you explore possible solutions to your business problems. You can work with our experts, with over 2 million man-hours of expertise validating customer networks across all technology areas, to take your idea to the next step of prototyping, proof of concept, and design.

Prototyping and Design

If you have moved beyond the concept stage and have ideas on how to solve your problem, but need a way to iterate through possible solutions, SVS is the solution for you. SVS provides rapid prototyping and iterative design services leveraging agile methodologies that will help you reach your final design goals in the quickest way possible.

End-to-End Validation

This is our core business function. We perform end-to-end validation on your design. We can take a design built through our rapid prototyping and design services, your own design, or the design built in coordination with other teams in Cisco Services. You define the desired outcomes of the validation, but most customers want guarantees on performance, scale, and availability of the solution when pushed to the limits. With millions of dollars in test equipment and the expertise and extensive library of test cases, we give you the confidence that the new technology will work for you, your network and your business.


Let us take the complexity away

With a focus across all Cisco technology pillars, SVS can validate any network you can imagine.

The heart of the Network

From ACI to VPC, our team can tackle any of your designs building next generation data center technology incorporating network, storage, and compute.

Scale for the Future

When building networks for millions or billions of endpoints is a requirement, validating how that technology will work today and scale for tomorrow is crucial

A safer point of view

Security is top of mind to engineers and executives alike. Our team can layer security risk validation on topologies across all architectures, from service provider, to WAN, to Data Center.

Keeping people connected

Whether you are deploying voice or video in the back office, branch, or contact center, we are ready to validate deployments of any size.

Who said this was easy?

In today's DevOps environment, private clouds to quickly provide services to your developers and lines of businesses are critical.

All your sensors are belong to us

Are you converting your manufacturing line sensors to IP? Need advanced analytics across multi-vendor solutions? We can help you prove that it will all work together.

It works. No excuses.

Incorporating both wired and wireless designs, ensure your users have the highest performance and availability needed to meet your business objectives.

Simplifying operations

Todays networks need automation that helps them scale to cloud speed. We can help in building automation architectures



With locations world-wide, SVS can service your validation requests at the location most convenient to you.

Raleigh, NC San Jose, CA
Richardson, TX Reading, UK
Tel Aviv, Israel Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan Bangalore, India


How good is an organization? As good as it's people. SVS prides itself with having both deep and breadth of expertise across the Cisco product portfolio. Our team has one of the highest concentrations of CCIE in Cisco. With a total of over 250 engineers, the organization has a total of 134 active CCIEs.

Quad CCIE3
Triple CCIE9
Double CCIE30
Total CCIE134


SVS has over 140,000 square feet of lab space and over 5300 racks of equipment valued at more than $1.8 Billion with over 60 lab engineers dedicated to keeping the validation facilities running.

All this means is that SVS is capable of tackling the largest most complex networks.


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You can reach us by submitting your contact information here. If you are a Cisco customer you can also talk to your Account team or client services director.